The Brand Saga

Devi Muthukumar, The Brand

Time has changed. India’s young generation are more confident and yet rooted to the culture. Devi Muthukumar is created to reflect the same ethnic yet modern Indian women. Each piece is exquisitely crafted to reflect, enhance and celebrate our culture and modern and confident Indian women.

The Journey

It is like a dream. It was 2003 when I set up a home boutique while studying in college, driven by the confidence of youth and passion for design. Four years later in 2007, VEEBOOSHAS a retail boutique store was launched. Passion to learn and to create better and more contemporary design resulted in lot of travel. It also allowed to understand the changes in fashion, trends and expectation of Indian women. This sowed the seed to launching Devi Muthukumar in 2014. I believe that brand Devi Muthukumar is about innovation with regards to ethnic style while keeping up with the modern trends.

It took about three years…. and a spark of a moment to make a decision to start my Label IRRAVIKKAI in 2017, exclusively dedicated for blouses…. and there’s never been a moment to look back.

It is nearly 20 years since the start of my design journey. The challenges during those years enhanced my confidence to nurture the brand and strengthen the conviction. I could appreciate the rich Indian heritage fabrics and contemporary art forms and it enriched my design knowledge.


My debut at the “Bangalore Fashion Week Summer 2019”gained plenty of recognition. After that I went to more shows including “India Runway Week Winter ‘19” and “Bangalore Fashion Week Summer ‘20”. I am proud to say that I am one of the very few non-metropolitan Runway Designers.


“I believe sustainability in fashion can be persuaded in terms of wearable fashion too. The comfort in confidence is the new call on wearable fashion”